Fringe Season 5 Premiere Date, Title and Scoops

Fringe Season 5 will premiere on September 28 and the episode will be titled “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”. This is a very Fringey title.

TVLine’s Matt’s Inside Line has some scoop about the new season

The cat’s out of the bag: As spoiled by John Noble to TVLine earlier this week, the fifth and final season will leap ahead to 2036, where Olivia – though absent from the “Letters of Transit” episode – will be on hand. And as Noble intimated, Anna Torv is champing at the bit to play the relationship between mother and (grown) daughter Etta. She just hopes the women have it easy! “We’ve seen Olivia work through so many relationships in her life, I would love her not to have to work through this one with Etta,” Torv told me last month. “I would love for us to meet her and Etta having already done all of that and just be family, and have that trust all there already, which is what we kind of got with Olivia’s sister [Rachel]. That was always so lovely, because it was the only time we saw Olivia settled.”

And this article from confirms that the new season will show more of the 2036 year we saw in Letters of Transit:

With Fringe fans still dealing with the very surprising exit of Jeff Pinker as executive producer, we have fresh intel on the upcoming final season of this Fox drama.

The September 28 premiere will be titled Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11, a tidbit revealed by showrunner J.H. Wyman yesterday when he Tweeted a photo of that script’s cover sheet.

Also on Twitter, meanwhile, star Joshua Jackson confirmed a major time jump ahead, something most fans presumed based on Peter and Walter having been trapped in amber for a couple decades.

"Do you think they’ll have peacoats in 2036?" the actor asked.

John Noble echoed this sentiment in a chat with TV Line, saying at this weekend’s Critics’ Choice Television Awards that “found footage” might be used to refer viewers back to the previous universe/time line.

“Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us,” Noble teased of the 2036 world. “We’ll be learning from the past.”

Indeed, Olivia will be present in this return to the future, while Noble also said fans will once again see her and Peter’s adult daughter, Etta.

Eye on Emmy: As Fringe’s Anna Torv Says One Sad Goodbye, She Braces for the Biggest One

A great interview with Anna from, where she talks saying goodbye to red Olivia, new season and saying goodbye to the show.

Anna Torv simply isn’t ready to talk about it yet, the loss she experienced as part of Fringe‘s penultimate season finale.

“I… I can’t even… I don’t even want to think about it,” she says of bidding Agent Olivia Dunham’s alt self goodbye. Shaking her head in disbelief and with palpable affection for a fictional being coloring her voice, she shares, “I’m totally going to miss her! I can’t believe they let me have her for so long.”

The moment seemed only appropriate to tell the Aussie beauty that this reporter harbored a bit of a crush on that rascally redhead from the “red” ‘verse. “I do, too!” she confides. “She’s so cute, and easy, and fun…. Because [Alt] Lincoln was always the leader of that team, she was always able to be a little more loose. She didn’t have to carry the show.”

Torv makes no secret of her immense love for Season 3, which toggled between the “blue” (prime) and “red” (alternate) universes and dangled so, so much Emmy bait. “I’ve missed that back-and-forth,” she admits. Yet Season 4 — in which Peter’s presence in a timeline that heretofore didn’t acknowledge him eventually led Olivia to “remember” how things used to be — presented new notes for the actress to play.

“Any opportunity I get for Olivia to not be so dour all the time, I sort of relish,” Torv smiles. “When she gets her memories back, I didn’t want her to be troubled by it. I wanted her to be truly, ‘This is a great feeling and I don’t want to let this go!’ So that was one of my favorite little parts of the year.”

Speaking of small moments, I had to ask Torv about that look, the one exchanged between Fauxlivia and our Lincoln Lee as the bespectacled G-man revealed his decision to stay on the Other side as the bridge between the worlds closed down. Did the badass beauty actually blush?

“Oh yeah,” Torv confirmed, reminding that the foundation for the agents’ compatability was previously established during a convo between Olivia and her alt self. “[Altlivia] says of Peter, ‘Ah, the Secretary’s son. He’s a real bad boy,” and Olivia goes, ‘Just your type.’ And she’s like, ‘No, actually I like the nice guys.’ Because that’s who she is. That’s why our Lincoln is more suited to her than the Alt Lincoln.”

Whereas the aforementioned Fringe Season 3 asked Torv to play Olivia, Altlivia, one-posing-as-the-other and — because why not? — Olivia-channeling-Mr. Spock, Season 4 in its final hours dealt the actress another new challenge, by “powering up” her alter ego.

Yet even as Olivia was overcome with newfangled cortexiphantastic abilities, Torv ably portrayed someone not giddy about new gadgets but tentative about their nature.

“That stuff is the bloody challenge!” she attests. “How do you do stuff with your mind? When you’re not even looking at anything but a green screen? [Exploding] the lights was easier, but that scene where she’s punching through the air [to help Peter clobber David Robert Jones]…? I haven’t even looked at it, because that was just so awkward to do. But that’s the stuff [the writers] don’t think about. ‘Oh, that’d be cool!’ Yeah? Try doing it!” she relates with a laugh.

Looking to Fringe‘s final, 13-episode season, Torv confirms that Season 4?s Episode 19 – in which she did not appear (thus affording her a chance to hang with her visiting mum in Vancouver) – will inform what’s to come. Though she has not yet been made privy to how much of a time jump will occur between seasons, she’s confident that, save for maybe flashbacks, we won’t see Olivia pregnant. But other than that, “I’m not sure where Olivia is,” given her eventual and rather conspicuous MIA status in the year 2036.

“I don’t know if they’ll go for it,” she starts with a chuckle, “but I would love for her to have not been put in amber [like her team mates], but for her to have been hanging around…. sitting on the sidelines and teaching [daughter] Etta the ropes, sort of pulling the strings from behind, where the Observers can’t get her.”

Such a scenario presents, however, an “age”-old problem. And Torv knows it, yet has a fix for it. “People are like, ‘But what about you aging?’ And I’m like, ‘She’s been on cortexiphan!’ Then I would be able to work with Georgina [Haig, Etta]” – if the other Australian actress comes back.

Then again, it very well may be Olivia’s destiny to die a hero’s death. “I’d be happy with that, too,” Torv allows. “Yeah. I would be happy with that.”

What doesn’t make Torv happy, of course, is the prospect of ultimately bidding Fringe and her castmates farewell, once these next 13 episodes are in the can. ”I don’t think anybody’s really thinking about that” – yet – “but there will definitely be tears at the end, because it’s a huge chunk of my life – and a massively important one, too.”

And though her Fringe run got off to a rocky start, Torv says she would “absolutely” be game to follow it up with another TV turn.

“It’s interesting because after the first season, which was really rough — you don’t know what to expect, and I felt like a deer in the headlights – I was like, ‘I’ll never do TV again. I just couldn’t.’ But after the second year you start to see all of the good stuff. And then after the third season you’re like, ‘Absolutely.’ And now? Absolutely.”

Fringe Preview: The Observers’ Backstory Will ‘Peel Back Layers and Reveal Some Truths’

[note color=”#FFCC00”]*May contain spoilers*[/note]

Fringe will not be going silently into its next, three-week break. No, tonight’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) offers a little something for everyone, from fans of Peter and Walter’s collaborative sleuthing to those who’ve missed Nina Sharpe, to the many of us who have clamored for more backstory on the Observers.
“This episode was designed to tell a few [stories],” executive producer Jeff Pinkner tells TVLine. “You have the story between Olivia and Nina” — who when last seen were in captivity together, each looking shaken up — “and anytime Jared Harris as David Robert Jones is on the screen is just fantastic. And allowing Michael Cerveris as our Observer (codenamed September) to peel back layers and reveal some truths about what his agenda has been — and to really use that as an opportunity to revisit some things we’ve done on the show — was fun and exciting for us.”

Indeed, September’s (quite literally) surprising visit to Walter’s lab sets the table for an uninterrupted, six-minute exploration of the Observers’ overall mission, replete with choice flashbacks to Fringe seasons gone by and at least one OMG! moment, when it is made clear who has really been September’s No. 1 priority.

“We’ve always said that you’ll find out more about the Observers this season,” reminds exec producer Joel Wyman, “so that’s a highlight [of the episode], yeah.”

Especially as it compellingly underscores the show bosses’ fervent desire to always subvert what viewers are thinking.

“For us to constantly break what you think you know and sort of reset things and have people go, ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming’ is why we get up in the morning,” says Wyman. “[We like] to take people for a ride.”

But as noted above, this week’s hour is also David Robert Jones-heavy, and while small hints at his überplan will be dropped, viewers will have to wait until March 23, at soonest, to take a deeper dive into the big bad’s agenda — if, that is, he turns out to be this season’s most malevolent manipulator.

“Just remember,” Pinkner says, “that on Fringe we try to make it like nothing is as it seems, that there’s always a little more to the story, behind the story. [Jones] is definitely a large part going forward, but a lot of things will come full circle and recontextualize things that you’ve already seen.”


Fringe Scoop from Matt’s Inside Line

Fringe | I try not to oversell things, but this Friday’s Fringe – the last one before a three-week break — is damn entertaining. When last we tuned in, Olivia had been abducted and thrown into some sort of holding room with a bedraggled Nina, just as another Nina was suspected of sneaking Cortexiphan out of MD’s deep storage and administering it to her “daughter.” Well, this week David Robert Jones will very quickly make his (short-term) agenda with Olivia known, while elsewhere Peter and Walter labor to figure out where Olivia has been taken to and Broyles does his darnedest to make Nina talk. As seen in the extended trailer I shared the other day, the Observer known as September portends to hold answers for Peter, and that sets up six of the series’ all-time most compelling minutes. How do things leave off heading into this mini-hiatus? I’ll just say that someone makes an impossibly difficult decision in the name of the greater good.


Fringe Producers Talk Olivia and Peter’s New Connection, David Robert Jones and What’s Next

[note color=”#FCECC2”]I can’t decide whether these are spoilers or just teasers, so, read with caution![/note]

Article from The Hollywood Reporter:

Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman say episode 15 “is a culmination of all emotional roads” and tease that Olivia’s (possible) death is “a major part” of where the season is going.

Last week’s Fringe ended with a surprising reveal, but in true fashion, only introduced more questions.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunners Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman revisited last week’s game-changing episode, “A Better Human Being”; previewed Friday’s pivotal hour; and answered (more like clarified) a few burning inquiries — addressing the fates of Olivia, Peter and David Robert Jones’ big move.

The Hollywood Reporter: There are some viewers who believed at the beginning that Fringe was in a completely new timeline, but in recent weeks, that theory has been debunked. Fair to say?

Jeff Pinkner: It’s funny because we said that in the beginning. We said that we declared the truth both onscreen and in every interview but people were sort of unwilling to. It’s a fascinating study in psychology in how people receive stories. They’re just sort of unwilling to accept the answer on its face, partly because emotionally they didn’t want to accept it and partly because they’re trying to guess what the reversal is.
Joel Wyman: We’re both such huge fans of television, we said never in a million years would we do the old, “Oh my gosh, i woke up and everything was a dream.” Man, I would throw my remote at the TV screen too. So we would never do that.

THR: Now that we know there are two Nina Sharps in our midst. Will the “how” be uncovered?

Pinkner: Without answering it directly, if it were a shape shifter, someone would have to die. So you can’t have two Ninas if one of them is a shape shifter. It’s part of the mystery, but at the same time, we’ve established that David Robert Jones can pretty much cross over pretty much at will now.

THR: Since Peter is certain this Olivia is his Olivia — and then she disappeared — what does this mean for the two of them?

Wyman: Another thing we’ve said is that no good decent life story is worth telling without a lot of different twists and turns in the road. Jeff and I are both romantics; we both believe in the notion of love and the strength of love. We’ve been saying since that since the beginning that we both believe Olivia and Peter are destined for each other. Episode 4x15 [airing March 23] is a culmination of all emotional roads and I think it’ll be very satisfying for people who have been with the show since the beginning.

THR: Is Olivia a better version of herself?

Wyman: It’s funny because that’s subjective. If you met a version of yourself you could say she has more money than you have on this side, but she maybe she’s not as soulful as you are on this side. She could also have a mother and father that are still alive and you could’ve perhaps lost one of your parents, but that means you have an even better relationship with the one who survives. They’re choices and they mean different things for different people. She would have to be the judge of whether she’s a better version of herself because she’s experienced both.

THR: What does this mean then for Lincoln, who had been harboring a crush on Olivia?

Pinkner: You’re asking all the right questions. So that’s good.

THR: Is this unfair to him, in some respects?

Wyman: Is it? See, that’s the thing, that’s the notion about love. Life sometimes isn’t fair and sometimes you don’t get everything that you want but you make it everything that you need. Sometimes by not getting one thing, you realize that maybe that thing wasn’t right for you in the first place and there’s something else better for you.

THR: What can we expect in coming episodes, with David Robert Jones causing trouble across universes?

Wyman: Certainly by implication what David Robert Jones is doing on our side, he’s doing on the other side as well, and his designs are multi-universal in scale and scope. We know, thus far, because of the bridge that we opened last season, Peter sacrificed himself for it before he returned. Both worlds have been healing and now David Robert Jones has stepped into the fray and thrown a monkey wrench into that. As long as this season-long arc plays out, it has implications for both universes. As you say, Olivia’s return or seeming return isn’t going to be without complication.

THR: We all know that Olivia is aware that she will die. How will that factor in?

Wyman: We can’t give you that, but it’s a major part of where we’re sort of heading. One of the great things about that character is that she’s always dealing with things that are crazy and because it’s Fringe, we’re allowed to handle things in ways you wouldn’t expect. We can’t really say a lot about that because, don’t forget, she actually met the person [in “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”] who was supposed to kill her so he will come back. You’ll have to watch and see how all these things are connected.

Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Fringe Bosses on Season 5 Chances: ‘There Are Conversations’

Still no solid news about a renewal. Ausiello from TVLine talks about a possible season with 15 episodes. Here’s the article from The Hollywood Reporter:

Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman tell THR that “creatively we know what season 5 would be.”

Could Fringe live beyond a fourth season?

"There are conversations with both the studio and the network [about possibly going to a season 5]," executive producer Jeff Pinkner tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It is certainly our hope that we have a season 5 and beyond and creatively we know what season 5 would be."

In recent weeks, the heavily mythologized drama has hovered around 3.1 million viewers with a 1.1 rating among the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demo, the latter a series low, on Friday evenings. Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly even admitted last month that the network was losing money with Fringe. “At that rating, on that night [Fridays], it’s impossible to make money … and we’re not in the business of losing money,” Reilly said at the time.

Even so, Pinker and fellow executive producer Joel Wyman are forging ahead. “Definitely we feel very confident that we know where we would go, should we be lucky enough,” Wyman tells THR. (When asked by THR in early January if a truncated fifth effort or a TV movie presented itself, series star Joshua Jackson was open to the notion.)

It was brought up that Fringe would end its current season having broadcast 88 hours, including the two-hour pilot in September 2008, and if reaching 100 was a significant point.

"I think for all shows that is. I mean 88 is good, but 100 is better," Wyman says. "To Jeff and I, we don’t really think about those things. That’s for someone else to think about. We just do our show and write our episodes and love our show."

He continued: “We would never want to continue unless we felt that we had something incredibly creative to say and to do. We do and if the powers that be deem it a plausible solution to go forward, then we’re thrilled.”

Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.


Fringe Bosses Say this Season’s Finale Can Work As Series Finale, But Hint at New Home for Saga

An interesting article from TVLine, would be nice if Fringe moved to a smaller network.

Fringe’s uncertain future was a hot topic Sunday at the Television Critics Association press tour, with both the president of Fox and executive producer J.J. Abrams weighing in on what is and what might need to be.

But when TVLine spoke with EPs Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman earlier this week — after screening the show’s winter premiere (airing Friday, Jan. 13) — they shared their exit plan (or absence of one) should this turn out to be the final season.

“The answer to that question is the same every year,” Pinkner started when asked if and when they’d need a heads up to wrap things up. “Worst case scenario, if this were the last aired season of Fringe — and as we’ve said before, there are other outlets where we could continue our stories, be they graphic novels or webisodes — we know what the end of this season is going to be, and it can function as a series finale.”

Pinkner said that last season’s capper likewise could have served as an apropos out for the sci-fi saga. “Had Peter, the lynchpin for the reason the show existed, been the one to sacrifice himself heroically to save the two universes and the woman he loved, it would have been a very authentic end.”

Fox president Kevin Reilly, when fielding questions about Fringe‘s fate, said the show has been a “point of pride” for him, as boss of a network that famously has let down genre-TV fans. Alas, Fringe is “an expensive show” that is not yielding a profit, he noted, “and we’re not in the business of losing money.”

Reilly said that conversations with Fringe‘s creative team and production studios have yet to take place. But Abrams, for one, says he’s “crossing [his] fingers” that the story of Peter, Olivia, Walter et al “gets to continue — and if not on Fox, maybe somewhere else.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Fringe: J.J. Abrams, FOX on a Potential Season 5

Fox TCA happened yesterday and there were talks of a possible cancellation of the show. There’s no official word on it, but Fox president Kevin Reilly said “Fringe is an expensive show that is not yielding a profit, and we’re not in the business of losing money.”. It seems that Fox does want to keep it, but it needs more viewers!

Here’s an article from where J.J. talks about the show and below there’s a preview for this week’s episode.

Another year, another waiting game for Fringe, which continues its life as a cult and critical favorite with notably low ratings that would usually lead to cancellation – and yet hasn’t so far. So will the show continue to beat the odds and get renewed for a fifth season? Co-creator/Executive Producer J.J. Abrams was at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour today to promote his new FOX series, Alcatraz, and was asked about Fringe’s future.

Replied Abrams, “I don’t know. For some sick reason, I’m hopeful, because the show… There’s some stuff coming up that’s so great. They’re doing such amazing work. Maybe it’s just that dumb optimism of hoping that when good work is done, it gets rewarded. I think that some of the work they’re doing, that Jeff [Pinkner] and Joel [Wyman] are working on now, is so good that I’m just crossing my fingers that it gets to continue. And if not, on FOX, maybe somewhere else.”

While Abrams didn’t elaborate on where else Fringe could go, should FOX cancel it, he did talk about whether he thought FOX would give them enough time to craft a proper ending, if this ended up being the final season. “I would think that if the show is going to end… They’ve been so wonderful and incredibly supportive and really aware of the audience that they have - and in some cases don’t have. And I’m sure that they would be courteous enough to do that, for sure.”

Abrams said that when it comes to a potential Season 5, “My dream would be that the next year would be the great ending for the show – to have one more season. But of course, any producer would say that.”

The famously secretive Abrams wouldn’t talk about what’s to come plotwise on Fringe, but did say, “Joel Wyman, who’s one of the showrunners, is actually directing an episode now that it incredibly romantic and incredibly powerful and emotional and has my favorite combination of weird and sweet – of sci-fi and romance.”

Shortly after the chat with Abrams, FOX president Kevin Reilly was asked where the network stands in regards to Fringe. Said Reilly, “Fringe has been a point of pride. I share the passion for the show that the fans have. I love the fact that FOX, after letting down some of the genre fans over the years, put one on [and stuck with it]. I love the fans – that they stuck with it and went to Friday night with us. It’s vastly improved our Friday night. We have a Friday night for the first time in a long, long time.”

Reilly then continued, “The hesitation in my voice is that it’s an expensive show. We lose a lot of money on the show. At that rating, on that night, it’s almost impossible to make money on it. That’s been the case now over the last season. You know, we’re not in the business of losing money. So we really have to sit down and figure out, ‘Is there a number at which it makes sense?’ I do not want to drop the ball at the end and let the fans down.”

Reilly joked, “Please don’t star the letter writing campaign right now, everybody! I can’t take it!”, remarking, “I hope we get some credit with the fans for seeing through a great show that they’ve enjoyed. I’m not now quietly doing the soft-cancel here. I’m just telling you where it stands. We haven’t even sat down with the producers or the studio. I know they want to keep it going. So that’s another decision we’ll have to make.”

With Abrams confirming they’d treat Season 5 as the final season, I wonder if Warner Bros. and FOX might work out a deal for a final 13-episode season, much like happened with the similarly ratings-challenged Chuck this past year (another Warner Bros. production). This would likely be contingent on Warners giving FOX a very good deal on a Season 5, considering Reilly’s comments about Fringe already losing money for the network. But we shall see….

More Fringe Videos

Entertainment Weekly: Scary Good! 16 Creepiest TV Shows

With its pattern of gory opening scenes, Fringe has become the go-to show for a good scare. The Fringe universe, with its alternate reality, specialized bioweapons, and unusual abilities, features new and creative ways to die (being trapped in resin, having all your orifices spontaneously seal up, disintegrating into ash). And as we fall deeper down the rabbit hole, wondering how Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson), and Walter (John Noble) will end up, we can’t help wondering what new ways the show will find to gross us out.

Source: Fall TV’s Most Stylish Characters

Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) on Fringe
While Over-There Olivia may not have won over Fringe fans yet, we have to admit that no one rocks a leather jacket — or full bangs — quite like her.


Fringe Scoop: 5 Things to Know Now That Peter Has Returned

[note color=”#EDDB95”]Warning: Contain Spoilers if you haven’t watched “Subject 9” yet[/note]

Fringe’s Peter has returned!

After Olivia (Anna Torv) and Walter (John Noble) both realized they were having visions of the same strange man, they set out to discover his identity. Considering that Peter (Joshua Jackson) took the form of a bright blue blob of energy — a side effect of trying to cross into the timeline — he found them first. After observing The Energy Blob absorbing all things metal, they mistakenly assumed that it was actually a rogue cortexiphan patient Olivia had previously encountered who had the ability to project himself . Although they hunted down the subject in question, turns out he wasn’t responsible for The Blob, but could destroy it.

Fortunately, realizing it was literally the man of her dreams, Olivia stopped the patient in time, though he still seemingly provided enough juice for Peter to reappear in corporeal form at Reiden Lake, the site of over-there Peter’s death when he was a boy.

So, Peter is back — but no one remembers him, as showcased when Olivia said, “Who are you?” Who is he indeed? Since this is the convoluted world of Fringe, we need to get acquainted with this new Peter, so we’ve compiled the five things to know about him and the reality he’s facing now that he’s returned:

1. Peter 2.0 is definitely an upgrade: Peter is technically the same man we’ve come to know and love, but he isn’t the man we first met. “Because the guy that we met in the beginning of Fringe had no desire to be there, and slowly but surely got warped into this, as John and I described it, fanboy,” Jackson previously told us. “In the course of doing that, he kind of went from being the impetuous teenager of the show to kind of sulking in the corner, to actually being a man. And the guy who would come back to the show after having sacrificed himself for the love of his family is a different man. I think he’s grown up a lot. I think a different guy comes back than the guy that left.”

2. There will be trust issues: They may not know him, but Peter still retains all of his memories of them, which will cause the Fringe Division to put him on lockdown. “When he shows up claiming all these things and knowing all these things, it’s really freaky,” Lance Reddick says. “Broyles’ attitude is that it’s possible what he’s saying is true, but the last place I’m going to do is to believe him… at least at first. It has to reach a point where there’s so much validity to the information that he has and the way that he helps, that over time, he’s given more and more trust and more and more freedom to operate, work and help.”

3. Peter and Walter won’t be playing catch anytime soon: Poor Peter, he probably expected a warm welcome from his father, but all Walter sees is the man who has been haunting his visions. “‘Oh hi there, I’m your son’ — It’s not going to be, ‘Oh thank goodness for that,’” Noble told us on set. “As much as Walter may want it to be [like that] — and we’ll see an element of that, but we can’t resolve that too soon, so we’ve got to build that thing through. There will be some resolution in the first half of the season.”

4. Peter and Olivia aren’t sitting in a tree: Oh, how we wish it were like old times and they would just fall into each other’s arms, but Torv says, “In this timeline, Olivia doesn’t know who he is, and in Peter’s timeline, it took them a long time to get together, so…”

5. Baby Henry isn’t even a gleam in Peter’s eye: Just because Peter is back, doesn’t mean his baby with Bolivia automatically will be, too. “It’s not possible if they’ve never met,” Torv says. “Unless we end up going back to the other timeline, which may happen.”

Are you excited that Peter is back? Sound off in the comments!

Source Anna Torv on Peter, Olivia’s relationship with Lincoln

Interview with Anna from Entertainment Weekly.

Fringe star Anna Torv was largely coy when talking about Peter’s return to the show after having turned the Fringe-verse upside down by being absent for most the season so far. (Save small appearances in shiny surfaces.) But she had much more to say when talking about Lincoln Lee’s addition to the team and his budding friendship (and possibly more!) with Olivia.

“The Olivia we meet and know has known about Fringe Division and had all this time to get used to it and work out that this is her life,” she says. This is a far cry from when Olivia met Peter following the death of her fiance, John. As a result, says Torv, “when Lincoln comes in, she’s a little more open to him [than she was with Peter] and working with someone again.”

But will this ease lead to something more — as some fans have speculated? “I don’t know if that’s going to end up being romantic or not at the moment,” she says.

For more on EW’s chat with Torv, watch the video below!

Anna Torv Teases Tonight’s Cortexiphan-Enhanced ‘Fringe’

Another interview from MTV Movies Blog and another video that I also can’t view the video here in Brazil.

Watch the video at MTV Movies Blog website

"Fringe" has literally entered a new era with its currently airing fourth season. Following the explosive events of the season three finale, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) has been erased from existence. The result: a brand new timeline for Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and the rest of her colleagues, one in which Peter — both the one from our universe and the one from over there — never survived to adulthood.

Torv stopped by MTV News earlier in the week to talk about the new season of “Fringe,” and we asked her to tease what’s going down in tonight’s fourth episode, titled “Subject 9.” Though she initially had some trouble dropping hints — “I’m just such a bad tease,” she laughed — she did offer a very tantalizing clue regarding how Olivia’s past has changed in light of this new continuity.

"Episode four, you get to see Walter and Olivia and how they’ve managed to come to terms with each other and how they work together," she told MTV. "You see a lot. You see the changed relationships between a couple of our main characters. And there are quite a few clues as to what happened in Olivia’s past with the Cortexiphan trials in this timeline."

Revisiting the Cortexiphan trials, eh? Suddenly, tonight’s title, “Subject 9,” makes a whole lot of sense. The title of last season’s “Subject 13” referred to Olivia during the early phases of Walter Bishop and William Bell’s Cortexiphan experiments, but in this new, Peter-less timeline, has Olivia’s numerical assignment in the trial changed?

More importantly, let’s not forget that Olivia and Peter met each other briefly during those Cortexiphan trials, with Peter playing a key role during a dark moment of Olivia’s life. With Peter gone, how will that influence the way this pivotal moment in Olivia’s childhood played out? Will we find out in tonight’s episode?

The answers are just hours away. “Fringe” airs tonight (October 14) at 9/8 central on Fox.

'Fringe' Star Anna Torv On Life Without Peter Bishop

MTV Movies Blog has an article and video. Unfortunatelly, I can’t view the video here in Brazil. I really hate those restrictions =(.

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For someone who doesn’t exist, Peter Bishop sure is getting a lot of attention.

"Fringe," the breathtaking Fox series currently in its fourth year on television, is well known for taking bizarre risks and asking viewers to come along for the ride… but erasing one of the show’s most important characters — Joshua Jackson’s skeptic young genius Peter Bishop — completely from existence? That’s a gigantic gamble, even for this show.

When Anna Torv, who stars in the series as brilliant FBI agent Olivia Dunham, stopped by MTV News this week to talk about the current season of “Fringe,” we asked her the most important question of all: what is life like in a world without Peter Bishop?

"Well, the Olivia that I play doesn’t know what life was like with him, so I’m normal," she said, speaking to the fact that the show currently exists in a world where both the Peter from our universe and the one from the other side died in their childhood — in other words, he never lived long enough to meet Olivia and join up with Fringe Division.

Of course, Peter did exist — our heroes just don’t know that right now. And it won’t be long before he comes roaring back to life, Torv teased, and when he does, things are going to get… well, interesting, to put it lightly.

"I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I say that the event of this season is Peter Bishop," she said. "We’re going to see a lot more of him and how he unravels these characters."

Going into this latest season, Torv said that she was completely unaware of the “Fringe” writers’ plans for how to deal with Olivia, her fellow cast members and the mythology they’ve already spent years establishing in light of Peter’s departure.

"They go to their writers camp and pretty close to filming, they come back, and it’s like, ‘Okay, can we talk now?’" she laughed. "I guess there’s just sort of so much that there wasn’t the time to sit down and work out which cases didn’t get solved and which ones did [in the new, Peter-less ‘Fringe’ timeline]."

Without that kind of concrete information, then, Torv focused on what she believed would be the changed dynamics between Olivia and other members of the Fringe team, namely Peter’s father Walter, the ingenious but damaged scientist played to perfection by John Noble.

"When Peter was there, he was very much the nurturer [to Walter], he was very much the companion, but without him, the biggest difference we see is in Walter, who didn’t have Peter to bring him out and help him get better," she said. "But what I was excited about is there’s a little bit more warmth, a closeness between Walter and Olivia."

It’s not just Olivia and Walter’s relationship that’s changed because of Peter’s removal from existence, either.

"There are a couple of episodes coming up where we reintroduce a couple of characters and you’ll go, ‘Oh, that’s a different relationship to the one we’re used to,’" she teased. "But I’m not going to say any more about that!"

Fringe’s Anna Torv Teases Olivia’s Big Adventure, and Peter’s Return: ‘He’ll Have to Earn His Stripes’

Great Anna Torv interview from TVLine, Anna talks Fringe, what’s going on, the differences on the timeline, Peter Bishop and Oxfam.

This Friday on Fringe (Fox, 9/8c), Olivia herself is the target of a fringe event when a strange entity –- an energy, if you will –- invades her apartment. Is this Peter’s way of not-so-subtly tapping on his lover’s shoulder? Is our boy ready to “exist” again and make himself known? Anna Torv stopped by the TVLine office in New York City to preview this episode, “Subject 9,” which among other things reveals how this new timeline tweaks the Cortexiphan mythology as well as Olivia’s connection to a familiar face.

TVLINE | Would you say that this week’s episode is where Season 4 really kicks off? Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for the new timeline?
Yes, all of the little bits and pieces come into place – especially as regards the whole question of “When is Peter Bishop going to make an appearance?” This is also one of the first times that John [Noble, Walter] and I have had a whole bunch of stuff to do together.

TVLINE | Is this the “enormous” Walter/Olivia adventure John teased last week?
Yeah, yeah. So that was so much fun to do, because we never get to do that stuff. And also in this new timeline, the relationship between Walter and Olivia is just a little closer, because Peter wasn’t around. So that was probably my favorite bit of this episode.

TVLINE | Their adventure takes them to, where, Massive Dynamic in New York City?
No, it’s a bigger adventure than that! [Laughs] But…. Oh, I’m terrible at teasing. John’s really good at it.

TVLINE | John Noble is great at it.
He’s good because he knows which little things to say that don’t give away the end. I tend to always go in circles.

TVLINE | What sort of emotions does Olivia go through in this episode? Obviously something is not right, and this “energy” may have a personal agenda involving her.

Something is not right, and she’s not quite sure what it is. You get a title bit of an insight into what Olivia’s past was like in this world, and what the Cortexiphan trials were to her in this world, which was slightly different.

TVLINE | Just like how in his world she killed her father.

Yes, and her mother died, and then she went to…. See, again, I’ve got be careful! [Laughs] But there’s some fun stuff. You see the difference in relationship between some of our major chars.

TVLINE | Does Olivia suspect a connection between these strange goings-on and this strange man she’s been seeing?
Yes, that’s essentially what they think is causing it. But it’s Fringe, so is it?

TVLINE | Nina Sharp is back in this episode, having something to do with some files at Massive Dynamic?
Yes, because it was William Bell and Walter who were responsible for the Cortexiphan trials, some of the files have been kept at Massive Dynamic, and there are some surprises about Nina and who she is to Olivia in this world.

TVLINE | See, that was a John Noble-esque tease.
It was? Now I’m nervous it was too much!

TVLINE | Now that the Olivias at times share a space, are you sprinkling in any small finesses to draw more contrast?
No, actually. The episode that aired [on Sept. 30], where they go Over There to find the killer, was the first time we had so much interaction between the characters, so for me it was purely a technical exercise. I did try to make them a bit more two-dimensional than they needed to be.

TVLINE | So you’re not making Bolivia, say, five percent more sassy or badass? She seems to have a bit more swagger now.
People have said that, but that is not necessarily intentional. I guess that our Olivia hasn’t been dealing with as much life-or-death, if that makes sense, so she may seem to be a lot less… depressed?

TVLINE | As Peter comes back, Joshua Jackson is probably dealing with his most challenging and complex material to date. Would you say that’s true?
Yes, I would, and the episode that we’re shooting at the moment [Episode 8] is a really wonderful one for him. There’s a lot of meaty stuff for Josh to do, which is great. This season — and I know the [producers] have said it — is Peter’s season.

TVLINE | Josh must be excited to reenter the mix in a strong, forceful way.
And he does, yeah!

TVLINE | Once Peter does arrive on the scene, I know he’ll be a stranger to everyone – but will he be seen as some malevolent entity? Or a kindly stranger?
I think he’ll have to earn his stripes. I mean, we don’t know who he is, yet obviously he knows who we are…

TVLINE | Were you personally excited to see that Alt Broyles alive again?
Oh, yeah – and Lance [Reddick] was super-excited, too. There are a lot of different things that can happen in that regard; they’ve only started to scratch the surface. There are characters we had that we loved who unfortunately had to die…. Also, a lot of the cases that we had where it was Peter who found the particular key to solve it, those cases come back. There are so many things to play with.

TVLINE | What are we to make of Walternate’s absence thus far this season. Is he off doing something –
Naughty? I think we just haven’t seen him. But we never quite know what Walternate is up to. But yes, there is more of that.

TVLINE | John hinted that Walternate could be a bit different in this timeline.
Yeah! But I’ll let him talk about that; I’m not going to give anything about his character away!

TVLINE | Do you have anything else to talk about? How did you spend your summer?
I’ve been working for Oxfam for a little while, so I went on a trip with them to Cambodia. It was kind of amazing to have a look at a lot of the projects that they do there. A friend of mine who runs a hat company, we designed this cap – the Anna Torv Cap — and 100 percent of the proceeds go to Oxfam. We’re hoping that can help, if only a little bit ,with what they’re doing in East Africa.

TVLINE | What pointed you to Oxfam?
Oxfam in Australia has been around and huge for a very long time, so I’ve known about them since I was younger. They do a lot of really innovative, cool projects for sponsorship. For example, if you go to a school, it may have been built by a children’s fund, and the books will be supplied by UNICEF, and the water pump will have been supplied by Oxfam. I like that Oxfam fundamentally focuses on human rights and essential things a person should have — water, food, shelter. You can’t get any more basic than that.